EED/uVI Solution

The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

The amendment to the Heating Costs Ordinance in December 2021 implemented the European Energy Efficiency Directive into national law.


Tenants shall be encouraged to use resources such as energy and water more consciously by providing information on consumption during the year (uVI).

Requirements for housing industry

  • Since 01.12.2022

    only remote-readable metering technology may be installed when installing or changing metering devices.

  • Since 01.01.2022

    only meters that are interoperable (OMS) and can be connected to the smart meter gateway may be used

  • Since 01.12.2022

    property owners with remote-readable metering technology are obliged to provide their tenants with monthly consumption information. All metering technology must be remotely readable by 01.01.2027. If necessary, devices must be upgraded or replaced.

KUGUs uVI solution

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  • Tenant App

    The App enables residents to review their own monthly consumption as well as comparisons to reference periods on their smartphone and tablet.

  • Property manager portal

    In the KUGU property manager portal, we provide owners and property managers with the uVI as a PDF. In addition, you can independently adjust tenant data and record interim meter readings.

  • Provision via email or mail

    Alternatively, the intra-year consumption information can be provided automatically by email or by mail. Residents can decide individually on the type of provision.

Create a legally compliant uVI: What are the requirements?

  • Monthly remote reading of consumption data for heating and/or hot water per user unit.

  • Clear presentation of the user's consumption and comparison with the previous month, the same month of the previous year and comparable households

  • Maintenance of the current user or resident data, as the consumption information is person-related

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