The smart added value for housing companies

We allow a self-determined holistic digital building management that saves resources and opens up new revenue opportunities.

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KUGUs new perspectives for Housing

Intelligent processes for shorter workflows.
Digital energy saving solutions.
Building management as flexible as you want it to be.

Be your own smart measurement service

With the KUGU platform, we make it possible for you to be your own modern metering service and independently bill heat and hot water costs with efficient, digital processes.

KUGU has rethought submetering

Take new perspectives with KUGUs smart solution and bill heat and water costs simply, efficiently, and independently in a few minutes.

  • More efficient processes.

  • Time-saving.

  • New sources of revenue.

KUGU is independent and open

KUGU is free of lock-in effects and complicated contract constructs. Our platform can be modularly adapted to your needs and is based on open radio standards (OMS).

  • Flexible contract design.

  • No lock-in effects.

  • Hardware independence.

KUGU is intuitive

Our software is intuitive and easy to use. It supports all process steps with automation and can be easily integrated into your existing software infrastructure.

  • Intuitive operation.

  • Simple connection.

  • Automated processes.

KUGU is intelligent heating system optimization

Are you looking for apportionable energy saving measures? Simply extend the KUGU platform with our central heating module. Our intelligent algorithms take over the monitoring and provide automated recommendations for optimized system control.

  • Monitoring of heating systems.

  • Intelligent algorithms for optimizations that save up to 12% energy.

  • Cost-neutral energy savings.

Your portfolio, your data, and your platform


Expand your service portfolio by billing heat costs on your own.

  • Heat bills at any given time.

  • Automated billing process.

  • Heat bills in minutes not weeks.

  • Error-free bills with the push of a button.

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Heating system management simply efficient.

  • Cost savings through optimized, intelligent processes.

  • Reduction of maintenance operations to a minimum.

  • Easy to access via the portal.

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Save time and money with an intelligent smoke detector management.

  • Access to every operating state of every smoke detector in every property via the portal.

  • Save resources through simple, intuitive processes.

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Save energy with an intelligent evaluation of heating system data.

  • Realize up to 10 % energy savings.

  • Automatic evaluation of your heating systems data by our AI.

  • Data gathering which can be allocated to your tenants if combined with submetering.

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Activate your building data in three easy steps


Pilot project in one property

We take over the installation and the system setup. Only the first invoice will be prepared together.


Extending the project

From the development of a business plan to the organization of the rollout and the integration of KUGU into existing business processes. We accompany you from the beginning to the end.



Together with us and your service partners, we carry out the rollout. We support you wherever we can.

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Take your building management into your own hands

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