Digital boiler room

mprove the efficiency of your heating systems. With our Digital Heating Cellar, you save up to 12% energy with low-invasive measures and are automatically notified in case of malfunctions or failures.

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Up to 12 % energy savings by optimizing the plants and increasing energy efficiency
Transparent display of all operating figures of your heating systems.
Up to 50% reduction in trips for fault clearance.

Digital boiler room module: Efficiency up, costs down. Optimization through digitalization.

Monitoring of energy consumption data including determination of plant efficiency.

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Machine Learning (ML) Algorithmen zur automatisierten Ausgabe von Effizienzmaßnahmen.

Asset comparison and benchmarking for your property portfolio.

Automated notifications in the event of malfunctions and limit value violations.

Additional roles for your service providers and technical staff.

Management of master data and technical components of the heating system.

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Monitoring & Optimization

  • Most important key figures immediately (degree of utilization, primary energy, CO2 emissions, etc.).

  • Setting of own limit values to ensure proper system operation.

  • Automatic detection of optimization potentials (night setback, summer shutdown, heating curve analyses, etc.).

  • Integrated device management.

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Integrated partner solution

Remote access to your heating systems at any time - powered by Green Fusion.

  • In addition to the KUGU functions you get remote access to your heating systems.

  • Automated optimization of the plants by software.

  • Savings potential of over 20%.

  • User-friendly operation through integrated portal solution.

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