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Our modules

Module Accounting

For the independent billing of heating and operating costs

  • Intuitive billing software for the preparation of heat, water, operating and service costs.
  • Consumption visualization for tenants with the KUGU-App.
  • Data exchange via ARGE standard, PDF exporter, Excel tables or interface with your ERP system.

Save energy with intelligent evaluation of heating system data

  • Achieve up to 12% energy savings.
  • Automatic evaluation of your heating system data by our AI.
  • Automated notifications in the event of malfunctions and limit value violations.

Evaluation and optimization of the CO2 impact through reporting

  • Keeping an eye on all CO2 emissions with live data and identifying optimization potential for the entire portfolio.
  • Permanently available data basis for your CO2 reporting system.

Heating system management simply efficient

  • Structured overview of the heating system inventory.
  • Notification about upcoming tasks. Efficient control of service providers.

Module Billing

The foundation of your new service portfolio: The preparation of heat and operating bills.

Billing Cockpit

Billing Cockpit

  • Your central tool for the preparation of heat and water cost bills.
  • Get insights into tenant information, properties, units, and building technology.
  • Provide evaluations, statistics, task lists as well as statements and let your customers manage and process them.

Accounting Software

  • Intuitive billing software with established billing core and many process automations.
  • Bill heat, water, operating and ancillary costs including all user groups and special cases in just a few minutes.
  • Data exchange via ARGE standard, PDF exporter, Excel tables or direct interface with your ERP system.

Tenant App

  • Display individual consumption values for residents with the tenant app.
  • Provision of statistics, analyses, and tips to save energy.
  • Presentation in euros or units of consumption.
  • Available in the App Store and Google Play store.
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Manager Portal

  • Clear presentation of customers, properties, units and equipment.
  • Access evaluations and statistics of the building.
  • Task lists for all properties.
  • Checklists for importing and editing of new buildings.

Modul Digital Heating Room

Achieve cost savings by digitizing their heating systems and then determining system efficiency.

Heating System Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of all parameters of your heating system.
  • Automatic notification with detailed diagnostics in case of errors for you and your service providers.
  • Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for automated output of efficiency measures.
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Heating System Optimization

  • Continuous monitoring of the operational management of your heating system.
  • Automatic evaluation of heating system efficiency using our AI.
  • Data-based recommendations for action for more efficient control of the heating system.

Module CO2 Monitoring

Continuous evaluation of the primary energy consumption of your properties with the resulting emission load by providing the data in the portal.

Data Evaluation

  • Live evaluation and cleansing of all recorded gas, district heating, electricity and oil consumption data.
  • Benchmarking within your portfolio and and other reference values (e.g. energy certificate, GEG requirements).
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Data Provision

  • Machine-learning algorithms for predicting consumption and emissions.
  • Provision and export options for raw or qualified data (including csv) to your reporting software.
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Module Technical Asset Management

Management of all accruing data, tasks and documentation within the scope of an efficient operation management of heating systems.

Process Management

  • Task, document and schedule management incl. interface to your service providers (e.g. maintenance logs, fireplace notification).
  • Definition of contents for heating center inspections (e.g. gas house inspection according to DVGW-TRGI, water inspection according to VDI 2035).
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System Catastar

  • System survey (initial inspection) and
    Inventory checks via intuitive app solution.
  • Management of detailed technical system data by means of inventory catastar.

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