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Our modules

Module Accounting

For the independent billing of heating and operating costs

  • Intuitive billing software for the preparation of heat, water, operating and service costs.

  • Consumption visualization for tenants with the KUGU-App.

  • Data exchange via ARGE standard, PDF exporter, Excel tables or interface with your ERP system.

For the installation, maintenance, and management of your building technology

  • Operating condition recording and management of your entire building technology.

  • Automatic notification of failures, error messages and the expiration of calibration periods.

  • Efficient installation and maintenance processes for building services engineering with the KUGU Service App.

For the maintenance and operational safety of smoke detectors

  • Automated, efficient monitoring of type-C smoke detectors for optimized maintenance processes.

  • E-mail notifications in case of malfunctions, low battery levels or the expiry of calibration periods.

For the optimization of gas central heating systems

  • Continuous analysis of the operational management of heating systems with automatic recommendations for a more efficient heating system operation.

  • More efficient maintenance processes through automatic notifications in the event of failures.

Module Billing

The foundation of your new service portfolio: The preparation of heat and operating bills.

Billing Cockpit

Billing Cockpit

  • Your central tool for the preparation of heat and water cost bills.

  • Get insights into tenant information, properties, units, and building technology.

  • Provide evaluations, statistics, task lists as well as statements and let your customers manage and process them.

Accounting Software

  • Intuitive billing software with established billing core and many process automations.

  • Bill heat, water, operating and ancillary costs including all user groups and special cases in just a few minutes.

  • Data exchange via ARGE standard, PDF exporter, Excel tables or direct interface with your ERP system.

Tenant App

  • Display individual consumption values for residents with the tenant app.

  • Provision of statistics, analyses, and tips to save energy.

  • Presentation in euros or units of consumption.

  • Available in the App Store and Google Play store.

Manager Portal

  • Clear presentation of customers, properties, units and equipment.

  • Access evaluations and statistics of the building.

  • Task lists for all properties.

  • Checklists for importing and editing of new buildings.

Modul Hardware

Supports the installation, maintenance, and management of measuring and data transmission devices in the properties.

Device management

  • Automatic readout of all data from your radio systems.

  • Notification of failures, error messages and expiry of calibration periods.

  • Access to the radiator rating database.

Service App

  • Efficient route planning of your service providers with the KUGU tablet app for installation, maintenance and replacement of building services.

  • Management of existing and new equipment.

  • Radiator evaluation live within the App.

  • Automatic synchronization with the portal.

Module smoke detectors

Smoke detector module to support the maintenance and guarantee of the operational safety of remote-controlled type C smoke detectors.

Smoke detector management

  • A complete representation of the maintenance process of your smoke alarms.

  • Manage your whole inventory in all properties.

  • Automatic notification if malfunctions or the expiry of calibration periods occur.


  • Efficient route planning for your service providers with the KUGU tablet app for the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors.

  • Management of existing and new devices.

  • Automatic synchronization with the portal.

Module central heating

Use existing submetering data to monitor and optimize gas central heating systems.

System monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of all parameters of your heating system.

  • Automatic notification with a detailed diagnosis of errors for you and your serviceproviders.

System optimization

  • Continuous monitoring of the operational management of your systems.

  • Automatic evaluation of all data using our AI.

  • Data-based recommendations of action for a more efficient operation of the system.

Thats what's coming soon

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Legionella Detection

  • Monitoring of temperature and consumption values.

  • Notifications in case of deviations from standards.

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Leakage detection

  • Monitoring of all installed water meters.

  • Automatic notification in case of differences or constant consumption.

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Vacancy Management

  • Monitoring of energy and water consumption.

  • Automatic massaging as soon as consumption is detected.

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Hydronic Balancing

  • Monitoring of all radiator temperatures in the building.

  • Analysis of heat distribution and report on savings potential.

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