Added value for the housing industry

Become the digital service provider for the housing industry. With KUGU, you can easily add submetering and other digital management services to your product portfolio.

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Simple added value services for the real estate industry

Digital building management as your service portfolio extension.
Our portal as your new white label product.
Comprehensive start-up support for the development of your new scalable business.

The quickest way to added value services

With the KUGU platform, we enable you to cover all facets of a modern, digital submetering service. Offer value-added services to the housing industry and become the partner for increasing energy efficiency in buildings.

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KUGUs innovative technologies

We have rethought submetering, and from the automatic reading of the meters to the finished billing, we have relied exclusively on digital processes. With our smart solutions, the new business field can be developed quickly and efficiently.

  • Fast and simple implementation.

  • Automated processes.

  • Scalable infrastructure.

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KUGU is holistic

In addition to billing, the KUGU platform offers comprehensive, scalable, and digital additional services for your customers. Administrations have access to our web portal for information and data exchange, and tenants can access their consumption data and bills at any time via the KUGU app. KUGU also can be used as a white-label technology.

  • Efficient collaboration via the administrator portal.

  • Highest transparency with the tenant app.

  • Our technology, your branding.

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KUGU is intelligent heating system management

Do you also offer commercial heat supply? Simply add the central heating module to the KUGU platform. Our intelligent algorithms take over the monitoring and give automated recommendations for energy savings.

  • Monitoring of heating systems.

  • Intelligent algorithms for optimizations that save up to 12% energy.

  • Cost neutral energy savings.

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KUGU is your strong partner

In addition to the platform, we also provide support in the development of the new business area. We offer workshops and training courses on the subject of submetering and can also provide services for you if required.

  • Start-up support.

  • Targeted workshop and training packages.

  • You decide which services you and which we provide.

Use the full potential of building data


Realize new revenue potentials with the heat cost billing.

  • Heat bills at any given time.

  • Automated billing process.

  • Heat bills in minutes not weeks.

  • Error-free bills with the push of a button.

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Save energy with intelligent evaluation of heating system data

  • Achieve up to 12% energy savings.

  • Automatic evaluation of your heating system data by our AI.

  • Automated notifications in the event of malfunctions and limit value violations.

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Evaluation and optimization of the CO2 impact through reporting

  • Keeping an eye on all CO2 emissions with live data and identifying optimization potential for the entire portfolio.

  • Permanently available data basis for your CO2 reporting system.

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Heating system management simply efficient

  • Structured overview of the heating system inventory.

  • Notification about upcoming exams and tasks.

  • Efficient control of service providers.

Discover modules

New business perspectives in three simple steps


Testing of all modules in a pilot property

Together, we test all modules of the KUGU platform in a pilot property. From the installation of the data collector, the inclusion of all property data in the portal to the first accounting, we accompany you step by step.


Technical and administrative planning of the Roll-out

What do I have to consider in my future sales strategy? How do I implement the new business model into my existing processes? How should the Roll-out into the properties be organized? In our individualized workshops, we will work out answers to the questions you have.


Ready. Set. Go.

Everything is prepared for the development of the new business segment. We continue to accompany you in the acquisition of new properties, the rollout in new contract properties, and all questions concerning KUGU.

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Building management is clever with KUGU

Since 2018 we have been working with the team of KUGU. In the search for new business fields in connection with the Smart Meter Gateway, the topic of submetering has always been at the top of our list. In KUGU we have found a reliable partner who delivers state-of-the-art technologies and expertise in equal measure.

Kai Krüger, Geschäftsentwicklung

ABG Paradies has tested various possibilities of digitizing housing industry processes together with KUGU and the network green with IT e.V. The first area of application will be self-determined and database-managed heating consumption data in order to achieve a certain independence from service providers. We were very pleased to be involved in these new digital fields of activity and look forward to helping shape further projects.

Daniel Schulz, Vorstand ABG Paradies

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