The platform for decarbonizing real estate

KUGU is a real-time decarbonization platform that enables real estate companies to achieve their emissions targets efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Plug-and-Play solutions for your energy-efficient building management

We offer modular value-added solutions for housing companies, energy companies and metering services.

The future of your energy building management

Modularly adaptable to your needs

Discover modules

Submetering Module

All-in-one solution to operate an efficient and profitable metering service.

Energy Management Module

Automated demand-based control of your heating systems with potential savings up to 30%.

Energy Monitoring Module

Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption and system efficiency of up to 12%.

Analytics Module

Efficient operation management of heating systems.

Available Modules

More modules coming soon

The Potential of your data in one Platform

We combine a web platform, IoT, and machine learning to make building data available in real-time and create added value.


Your cockpit for a modern building management

Our portal, the central hub for all your building data and modules

  • Intuitive and digital access to your property data.
  • Manage all tasks related to your property that we provide you with.
  • Give your colleagues, customers, tenants, and suppliers access to all the relevant information they need.
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Our plug-and-play-solution for collecting your building data

The heart and source of your data driven decisions.

  • Simple installation within the property.
  • Gather data independently from the hardware of other manufacturers.
  • High frequency data collection with our data hub or more than 10 years battery life with our state-of-the-art data collection technology.

The easy consumption data distribution

The easy and transparent access to energy data and bills.

  • Fulfill all regulations of the new EED by providing your tenants with energy data via the app.
  • Let tenants save up to 10 % energy just by automatically showing them their consumption data.
  • Use our white-label app or use our open APIs to integrate it into your existing platforms and applications.
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Efficient service assignments right from the beginning

Centrally coordinate all installation and maintenance processes

  • Create new tasks for your service providers from the portal and provide all necessary information via the service app.
  • The service app supports the installation and registration process of building hardware and the integration of master data into the portal.
  • Intuitive and simple processes, as well as the cross-platform app, enable you to easily monitor and manage your service teams.

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