We revolutionize the handling of energy data

We are dedicated to create value for everyone involved in a building and save our planet by making buildings more energy-efficient.

Our Mission

We achieve positive economic, ecological, and social results for our clients through a digital transformation of their energy and building management. We solve the fundamental problems of building energy efficiency and are thus able to reduce CO2 emissions. KUGU thereby contributes to a neutral CO2 footprint.

Why we care

In Germany, owners, property managers, and utilities have very little interest in saving energy or water. This has led to our buildings and facilities becoming old and inefficient. And are therefore unable to contribute to the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions.

According to the German government's climate protection plan, CO2 emissions from buildings in Germany must be reduced by 66% by 2030. In Germany, 14% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by heating and cooling systems and hot water production in buildings alone. Climate change must be taken seriously, and we must all work together to make a change!

That's what we believe in


We streamline processes and simplify the complex.


We create sustainable value and have our footprint in mind.

Team spirit

From customer to trainee – we are a team.


We tackle our tasks and stand by what we promise.


We don't just talk. We keep up to our words.


We are open to new partnerships, new ideas, and believe in an open world.

Life at KUGU

We are an international team of techies, designers, and business wannabes. We share a common passion for new technologies with positive impacts while simplifying and improving the lives of our customers and users.

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With such team spirit, we can achieve great things!

Torsten Eder, Technical Key Account Manager

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