Make all relevant data available to end users with the KUGU tenant app

The industry has waited a long time for the decision to amend the Heating Cost Ordinance (in German HKVO), but now it was announced by the German government at the beginning of August: Smart metering will become mandatory in all buildings. In accordance with the EU directive on energy efficiency, the following regulations now come into force:

  • newly installed consumption meters are remotely readable, older meters must be replaced by 2026
  • Heating cost statements contain separate information on fuel mix, taxes, levies and duties, as well as comparative values with previous and average consumption 
  • End users or tenants receive individual billing and consumption information from the owner or management at least twice a year, and from 2022 at least monthly

KUGU is the holistic partner when it comes to individual consumption

Property owners and property management companies are now faced with the challenge of complying with these changed regulations. If personnel capacities, time and the appropriate technology are lacking, cooperation with an external provider is more than sensible. KUGU is the partner for 'Digital Building Management' and offers a web platform for the management of energy data and the necessary hardware as well as a tenant app. With this app, landlords can provide their end users with precisely the consumption data that is now required by the Heating Costs Ordinance. 

The services offered by the KUGU tenant app at a glance:

  • Display of individual consumption values for tenants
  • Provision of statistics, analyses and tips for saving energy
  • Display in euros or consumption units
  • Availability for Android and iOS 
Individual consumption values and heating costs can be called up at any time via mobile phone with the KUGU tenant app

As a partner with a holistic approach, the partnership with KUGU means more than just visualization of consumption data. A modular offer allows KUGU to implement the entire process behind the visualization if required - from the procurement of hardware to the installation and maintenance of the devices, KUGU ensures simple and comprehensive management of energy data.  

Saving energy and reducing costs by digitizing consumption data

The benefits associated with the changes to the German Heating Costs Ordinance and KUGU's solutions are manifold. Since meter readings no longer have to be read manually on site, the error rate in billing decreases. By digitizing consumption data, consumptions can be retrieved at any time, individually and to the second. The resulting increase in transparency leads to improved energy management and resource savings for all parties. For example, tenants can reduce their heating costs and landlords can optimize personnel capacities and building technology.

Do you have questions about our tenant app or our range of services? We look forward to hearing from you!

Gabor Szomszed // Key Account Manager //