We make
smart energy saving solutions
a basic standard of every
real-estate property

our mission

Our solution saves our customers up to 30% of their energy and at the same time increase their overall living comfort.

Our self learning-Algorithms control the smart home technology in a way, that we save 30% of heating and 15% of energy bills.
At the same time we continuously improve the overall living comfort.

calculation model

What we are doing?

KUGU connects smart home and digital metering technology. This enables us to identify energy waste caused by heating, power and user behavior and realize savings at the same time. Our user interface makes actual consumption data and energy savings transparently accessible for end-users .

which parts KUGU consists of?


Our Control Unit is the brain of the system. All information are being processed here and it protects the system from outside attacks.

Smart Heating

Our heat control is compatible with almost every heating system.

Smart Metering

Our digital meter technology allows us to determine live usage data and make it accessible for end-user.

Smart Lighting

Our light system hides behind every switch. Design concepts and user behavior are not influenced.

Smart Sensors

Sensors collect building, environment and user behavior data. This data is the basic input for the smart energy saving algorithms.

Smart Electricity

Important energy consuming appliances can easily be upgraded to become „smart“.


For real estate developers

KUGU starts way before the moving day. We offer our solution to real estate developers and support them throughout the whole process from planning to maintaining the operational smart-home and metering system. The solution is customized for individual needs of our customers.

how does it work?

For Tenants

End-users will find a fully functional smart-home system from the moment they move into their apartment. Once set up, the system seamlessly integrates into their everyday life and let the end-user save energy and money from the first day onwards.

how does it work?

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