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In Germany, owners and operators of residential real estate have little incentive to implement measures to increase energy efficiency. Investments are encouraged, but the extent to which these actions plans can be allocated to those who would benefit from the savings is still limited. Our big motivation is to achieve significant energy savings in all real estate properties. We believe this is only possible if owners and operators as well as residents, all, benefit from the energy-saving measures.

The energy savings should mainly benefit the residents. Not only do we want to achieve savings with the help of intelligent algorithms, but we also encourage the active involvement of the residents in this process. They receive both; a display of their energy consumption in a transparent way and regular individual tips to help save energy. Utility and heating bills should provide more awareness and transparency, moreover waiting for your home reading service should not be necessary.

While providing our service, data protection and IT security play a central role. As a young business we do not see this as a burden, but rather as an opportunity to build trust with our customers and be a reliable partner on the way to digitization.